Our People - Marcus Donald People

An insight into our culture, philosophy and people



A Marcus Donald kind of person is first and foremost; honest. A person who follows moral principles and would never betray the human code of honour. In a people first business such as recruitment, integrity and honesty is a must.


Marcus Donald People love what they do. As a Marcus Donald Person, you do not do things for the mere rewards but for a burning passion and interest in the world you are a part of. A Marcus Donald Person enjoys work. As the Famous Sculptor Tom Sachs says: “The reward of good work, is more work.”


A Marcus Donald Person has an unwavering spirit to attain ambitions and goals. In life, nothing is as straight forward as it seems, and 99.9% of things don’t happen exactly as planned. But a Marcus Donald Person’s drive to succeed is never broken.


A Marcus Donald Person knows only one thing is certain: there is always more to be learnt and experienced. Marcus Donald People continuously strive to gain knowledge from practical business experiences.